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The Nature of Dogs

Welcome to The Nature of Dogs, a haven nestled in the heart of Sacramento County that stands as a beacon of freedom and joy for our canine companions. Spread across nearly an acre of lush, tree-shaded terrain, our sanctuary is a testament to what dogs truly desire. Here, they have the liberty to stretch their legs, leap with abandon, engage in spirited play, or simply bask under the canopy of nature. Our outdoor expanse is not just an area; it's a realm where dogs can truly embrace their essence, without the illusion of indoor imitations.

At the core of The Nature of Dogs is our devoted team, each member a guardian and friend to your four-legged family members. With expertise in Canine CPR and First Aid, adept in the subtle art of canine communication and pack dynamics, our team members are not just staff; they are passionate enthusiasts of the canine world. They find joy and fulfillment in the wag of a tail and the gentle nuzzle of a furry friend, treating each dog with the same love and care as if they were their own.

Join us at The Nature of Dogs, where we celebrate the spirit of our canine pals in the truest, most natural setting.


Here, every day is an adventure, every moment filled with care, and every experience designed to enrich the lives of dogs and their human companions alike.

Deric Isaacson

Meet Deric, the heart of The Nature of Dogs. He's a dad, husband, dog trainer, and a big-time dog lover who helps out at the El Dorado County German Shepherd Rescue. His furry family includes Mia, Jackson, and Draco, who are not just his pets but also his partners at work.
Deric loves to explore nature with his dogs, spend quality time with his family, and bring new, fun ideas to our place to make sure all our canine guests are happy and engaged.

When you come to The Nature of Dogs, you'll likely find Deric chatting with clients, playing with dogs, or coming up with new activities. We're all about creating a joyful and caring space for dogs, and Deric is at the heart of it all.


Myra Muhammad

Meet Myra, the guiding spirit behind The Nature of Dogs. She's not just a mom and sister; she's a dedicated dog trainer and enthusiast who gives her heart to German Shepherd rescues as a foster and board member. Her canine crew includes Quinn and Maddie, two German Shepherds, and Cayden, a Czech Shepherd, who are more than just pets; they're part of our team here.

Myra's home is a haven, always open to foster and shelter dogs in need. She's passionate about dog training, specializing in rally, obedience, and assisting with service dogs, making every interaction meaningful.

When you step into The Nature of Dogs, you'll likely catch Myra in her element—immersing herself with the dogs, lending a hand to our team, and constantly seeking new ways to support the dog rescue world.

Myra's dedication is a cornerstone of our community, making The Nature of Dogs a place where love and care for dogs shine through in everything we do.

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